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Not done a film review for a while. Then again not paid a visit to the cinema in a while, however this film was worth a trip back…

Looper is a movie I have watched develop for some time, so my anticipation for it was quite immense. As you probably know I’m a sci-fi nut, so early reviews comparing this to the Matrix in terms of scope put me on edge. I enjoyed the Matrix, but never had a deep love for it, I found it pretty all much “meh”.

But I’m a closet Joseph Gordon-Levitt fan, ever since he’s stint in 500 days of summer and of course The Dark Knight Rises, I have found him to be a pretty talented yet underrated actor. However Looper I think will open a lot of people eyes to he’s awesome acting skills. I didn’t think Bruce Willis could be made to  look average and forgettable in a movie but Mr Levitt pulled it off. Don’t he’s prosthetic make-up distract you. This is he’s film.

Now I don’t want to really spoil much about it’s plot, so will keep it brief. The story is set in both the not too distant and far off future (confusing huh?). Loopers are folk who perform assassinations of people sent back from the far off future. If the Loopers target escapes it could mean huge paradoxes being created and that Looper is seen as dead meat to the mobsters who employ them. Well Mr Levitt loses he’s target and so the chaos begins!

This is a film which is as deep as you wan’t it to be. Some folk will leave feeling entertained by some good action and some pretty funny moments. I read it as a comment on human greed, morality and whether a life should be taken to save another. Yea I tend to over analyse most things.

Too cut a long story short, this is a great movie. Bruce and Gordon play their character(?) pretty well and the action fast and furious, but doesn’t overpower the main story as most sci-fi movies seem to do these days.

My apologies for this review sounding quite vague, but this really is something which should be viewed without too much knowledge of what to expect.

Go and see this movie, pleasethnxbye

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