Look it’s Liquid(s) Snake!

Look it’s Liquid(s) Snake!

2012 marks the 25th anniversary of Metal Gear Solid. This of course could be celebrated with a drink or two. But the guys at Loading Bar decided to take this a bit further…

Not sure how the team at ‘Loading Bar’, one of England’s only licensed gaming venues, find the time to actually PLAY games, but I’m almost certain it involves some sort of time machine.

Consisting of thousands of shots, this fan tribute to metal gear solid was not a quick project.

Commissioning freelance design mercenary and MGS fan Joseph Payne to create a to scale dot image (he still only see’s in circles), the team spent 12 hours recreating the design on a warehouse floor using just over 2100 shot glasses and covered a 2m squared area.

25 Shades of Snake

The framed A3 print was then presented to Hideo Kojima after his Bafta talk on Friday 28th who responded by stating:

“I’ll put it in my office”

I hope he does, as this surely is one the best and most time consuming homages to his well loved creation.

If you want to recreate the image yourself you can find the original artwork on http://twenty3thirty2.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/25-shades-of-snake/ and for around £350 in materials you to could have a snake portrait the size of a Metal Gear to impress/disturb your nearest and dearest.

Also the guys at Loading Bar are looking for funding to bring a sexy gaming bar to London, check out this previous blog post for details and get donating!

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