The Amazing Spider-Man!

The Amazing Spider-Man!

Last time I had the pleasure of going to the cinema, was to watch the stunning Avengers Movie. It was always going to be tough for The Amazing Spider-Man to surpass that…

And it certainly didn’t surpass The Avengers, that movie is still to me, the greatest comic book flick of all time. But even so, don’t think that Spider-man isn’t worth your time. I for one thoroughly enjoyed it. Toby Mcguire for me was always a bit off an odd choice to play Peter Parker. Andrew Garfield seems to be a pretty much perfect choice, I have always been a fan of he’s and was sure he could pull the role off. He played a good and horribly awkward nerdy miss fit and he’s version of Peter Parker is pretty much spot on.

Story wise the movie plays it pretty safe, no huge deviations from the Spider-man origin tale we all know and love. In the past 3 movies, Peter’s parents where pretty much ignored after they dropped him off at he’s aunt and uncle, never to return. But this movie goes just a bit deeper in explaining whose Peter father was and what he was involved in, which I thought was a good touch. There was a few surprising omissions from the movie though, having Gwen Stacy as the only love interest was a weird move I felt, maybe Mary Jane will be in the next movie? Also Peter was a photographer but didn’t have he’s famous job at the Daily Bugle, once again though this will probably pop up in the sequel.

I was quite tired coming onto this movie, so skipped seeing it in 3-D. Although I have heard that this film is great in 3-D and really adds to the action sequences. The action in this film is pretty sweet, Spidey throws around a few decent slaps throughout the film and he’s battle with the Lizard are pretty breath taking a points. Speaking of the Lizard, I felt that he/it was the weak link of the film, he’s motivations for being evil where horribly cliché and quite boring. Also I felt that the CGI representation of the Lizard wasn’t erm “Lizardy” enough?

The humour in the movie was quite frankly superb, never did a one liner or comedic sequence fall flat on it’s face and as I said before Mr Garfield pulled off playing quite an awkward yet charming character.

There seems to be a hint of a movie arc for the next few films and that comes in the form of Mr Norman Osbourne (Green Goblin). A classic spider-man villain, I won’t spoil much but it looks like the second movie will have him up to some sort of mischief.

Overall this re-boot is solid, in my opinion it surpasses the 3 that came before it and I can’t wait for the sequel.


Ps- The Stan Lee cameo in this movie, is the best yet 😀

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