Gaming franchises I hope will die with this generation

Gaming franchises I hope will die with this generation

I think we can all agree that this console generation has dragged a bit. It mean’t we’ve had to endure sequel after sequel….

Don’t get me wrong I love a good sequel. Especially when the developers have listened to feedback and made improvements to further add to a franchise. Sometimes merely continuing a captivating story can in some cases be reason enough to bring out a sequel.

But when when i’m buying a games 3/4 or even 5th iteration, yet I feel nothing has greatly changed,  surely something is wrong. A Lot of creativity has been lost towards the end of this console generation, and here is a list of franchises I hope don’t bother us with more boring cash-ins over the next couple of years.

Before we begin, I fully understand that chances of some these franchises ending is pretty much ZERO.



Halo has given me some of my greatest gaming memories. Halo 3 I feel personally hit the pinnacle of what on-line gaming truly is. Balanced weapons and amazing and varied maps, a great community and some truly ground breaking stat tracking, it blew Halo 2 out of the water. I think if no other Halo was released (I wish) and there was still huge developer support for it, this game would still be huge now.

Halo ODST, Halo Reach, Halo Wars and the Halo HD remake. I personally have had enough of the whole halo universe, simply due to overload.  We FINISHED THE FIGHT, so what is the point of Halo 4? The fact that it’s coming out on the current x-box is pretty much bullshit and another lovely money grab. Give the Master Chief a rest and move on.



This one I battled with in regards to adding to my list. Yes the game has a truly amazing story but dear lord its dragging now isn’t it? Once number 3 comes out, that will be FIVE games this generation. The first title to me was simply stunning, sure it had its faults, but these pretty much ironed out in the sequel. Brotherhood and Revelations I felt were just awful and really shouldn’t have been full priced titles. I never completed either due to feeling of, I did this already (and a number of times) in the last game.

I fully understand the need to create a captivating and interesting universe for you game, but I really do hope number 3 closes this story arc. If not I will surely cry. Give Desmond a damn purpose already and get he’s always confused face off my screen.



Sigh, who really asked for yet another game after Gears 3?


Final Fantasy

Okay, I get it, this is a franchise which has truly withstood the test of time. Until of course it hit this generation of consoles.  My excitement for Final Fantasy 13 was stupid, so stupid that I queued for 3 hours to have my copy signed by the creators of the game. Reviews at the time told me before I played that game that it had some pretty huge flaws. Even so I didn’t give a flying Chocobo and felt that game was amazing.

After about 20 hours, it hit me. Firstly what on earth is this game even about and all iv’e done is walk in a straight line. Safe to say I didn’t complete it, as I just didn’t care any more. Few people liked FF13, so when the sequel was announced we all breathed a collective “WHY?!” It was hoped that FF-13 part 2 would right the wrongs of the former, but it fell flat on its face and left a huge negativity on the franchise as a whole. Seriously if it wasn’t for FF7 and FF10 I question whether anybody would care any more.


Angry Birds

Okay, this doesn’t really count. But I put it here anyway due, to popular demand 😀


Ghost Recon

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter was the poster boy for the start of this generation of consoles. It’s slick graphics alone meant I just had to invest in an Xbox 360. It had a pretty decent multi-player suite and overall it was a solid shooter. GRAW 2 improved on its former and although it didn’t really do nothing new, it’s well implemented multi-player mean’t it found a solid fan base.

Future Soldier, the most recent title blew up a small part of the Internet when it was announced. Then it seemed to just vanish, I took this as a great sign of developers taking their time in releasing what could be a ground breaking shooter. You could turn (almost) invisible and shit, how could that not be awesome?  Well it was awesome for about 10 minutes in single player and was quite redundant in multi-player as only one class could do it. How much further into future combat can Ubi go anyway? They’re going to start making shit up if they carry on.



The original Uncharted let us know what the PS3 was all about. Uncharted 2 improved on this, with stunning and seamless visuals, great character development, stunning set pieces and an overall “Oh shit, you see that?” factor. Its multi-player was surprisingly not too shabby either. Uncharted 3 was inevitable and overall was a good title, however it did pretty much nothing new. It was almost as if Uncharted 2 simply couldn’t be beat. As a Sony fan boy it hurts me to admit this but I just think Nathan Drake has done he’s job.

Another HD Uncharted could really hurt and dissolve the franchise if it doesn’t at least surpass Uncharted 2. Naughty Dog ofcourse have the talent to do this, but why bother? They could easily move on and continue to push the industry forward as they have done this generation. The Last Of Us seems to be a move in the right direction at least.


Call of Duty

Pretty much self explanatory really.


And that is my list. Pretty controversial to some probably, but who cares. Feel I missed anything? Or want to scream at me? Leave a comment and COME AT ME BRO!

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