The movie we’ve been waiting for?!

The movie we’ve been waiting for?!

I’m a big kid at heart, CGI animated kids movies are just as watchable as the latest sci-fi epic. So imagine my glee when I came across this…


Bowser, Zangief, M.Bison, a pac-man ghost and a few other classic video gamers all have cameos. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw this trailer >.

This trailer seems to be quite hit or miss for gamers. Some people love it while others are seeing it as a cheap cash-in. Either way it’s rare us gamers get a movie dedicated to our passion, so I think we should at least give it a chance?

Another side note is the film is made solely by Disney with no Pixar involvement. Most Disney CGI moves have had pretty big commercial success but critically they tend not to fare so well. Lets hope they nail this one! (Please Disney)

Pretty awesome that Nintendo and Capcom etc allowed use of their licenses. However if sucessful lets hope it doesn’t pave the way for more of this….

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