PS Vita, Get one (Or don’t)

PS Vita, Get one (Or don’t)

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Months of hard work are will finally pay off come the 22nd of February! Iv’e had access to the Vita since late last year and here are my thoughts on the little box of awesome.

I LOVE IT. Not a big surprise that coming from the Sony fan boy who works for…Sony. Hardware wise the Vita is just mind bending, the screen is just incredible and games like Super Star Dust Delta and Gravity Rush made me wet (You heard).

The interface is….different if not ambitious. It’s by no means as intuitive as an iOS device but overall the touch screen is responsive and it doesn’t take all that long to become a pro with it. And those little bubbles are so cute >_

I think the launch line up is relatively strong. It’s not the greatest (No Littlebig Planet?) but compared to the 3DS launch line up its quite good. The mix of genres should hopefully appeal to most types of gamers. Uncharted will no doubt will be a system seller I think.

Here is my Vita bundle:

  • Vita Wifi (Ironically I doubt I will ever use my Vita in public to justify a 3G one)
  • Rayman Origins
  • Everybodys Golf
  • Uncharted
  • 16 GB memory card
  • Probably should buy a case and screen protector
My only gripe with the device is the situation with the Memory cards. They are just too pricey and the fact that you need one to really enjoy the device is a bit of a piss take. Also why they so small?!
As for the people complaining about the price. It’s a premium high end device, simple as.

The gloom and doom reports from Japan are just boring now. And I think so long as the quality games keep coming, the console will do well. We just have to hope Sony has learned from the mistake of the PSP! (Bring on Monster Hunter)

So let me end on this. As somebody who whose seen what is coming for the Vita, Sony has HUGE plans in the pipeline for the device just wish I could tell you 😉

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