London’s First Gaming Bar

London’s First Gaming Bar

If you’re reading this blog, I will assume that you’re into gaming and the industry in some form. Now imagine a place where you could hang out with like minded people along with booze…

Well the guys at Loading are trying to make this happen. They already own a a gaming café and cocktail bar based in the Southwest of England, however they are trying to set up a bar in LONDON.

What is a gaming cafe exactly do you ask?  Well it’s pretty simple:

  • “Use of our consoles is free, as is access to the internet.”
  • “Gaming café during the day, gaming bar during the night.”
  • “Unique, industry supported gaming events all year round.”
  • “High concept gaming themed cocktails such as this and these.”


Shop frontages of Loading Bar in Falmouth

A picture of the current Loading Bar

Pretty exciting huh?! If this was to happen I know exactly where I would be hanging out most days in the week. HOWEVER there is one barier to this happening, which is funding.

There is where ME and YOU come in, the guys need our help to set this up. $50,000 is the goal, sounds alot I know, but there is alot of buzz about this project in the industry at the moment. And every penny will count.

Whether you donate a small amount of pounds or choose to invest a bit more, it will go a long way to setting this up. Each level of donation will also give you something back in return, from a shout out on a wall of fame to your very own private party.

But don’t just listen to me though, check out their donation site to find out some more details (

Let’s make this happen people!


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