I love my Vita…..At last Dood!

So I’ve had my Vita since day one now. It’s pretty much been just another avenue to whore FIFA for hours on end, until now…

Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention was released last week, both in retail and on PSN (you’re welcome). I have ached for an RPG to play on my Vita and refused to settle on purchasing some old PSP title. So Disgaea 3 couldn’t come fast enough!

Safe to say, I love this game! As a big fan of the series I already knew this was the game for me. The game is a port of the PS3 version, but luckily I skipped that version so this is all brand new to me! Yaaaay 😀

The art style, mental characters, the music and the pretty random storyline have made me already invest 20 hours in one weekend. Oh and another time I love are the trophies! I got one trophie simply clicking “New Game”, got another for losing to a boss and also unlocked on simply by spinning the camera (i was bored).

My Vita was slowly starting to collect dust at times, but this title will no doubt have me coming back for more and more!

Vita love = restored.

By Myke

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