Just give it a SHOT!

Just give it a SHOT!

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What if we lived with machines disguised as humans? And what if these machines themselves were oblivious to not being human?

This is the premise of Binary Domain, a horribly underrated title developed by Sega for the PS3 and 360. I saw the trailer late last year and was quite impressed by it. It was quite surprising to see a game that looked to be doing something different, was even more surprising that the game was made by Sega who are kings of the lame cash-in usually.

You play as Dan the so called “Survivor”, who is part of the rust crew, a team of soldiers whose job it is to seek out and destroy the false humans known as “Hollow Children”. It’s a third person squad based shooter, basically think Gears of War but you’re shooting a robots instead. But unlike gears your enemies aern’t generic looking grunts. The enemy design in the game is simply mesmerizing and watching them crumple and explode never gets old.

A cheesy story, poor character development, piss poor one liners, a weird ending and racial stereotypes that border on racism. This game is not without its problems and it reviews scores have been up and down, but my point is this game is good DUMB FUN.

This title is Rental GOLD, I rented it expecting quite honestly a load of crap. But I was taken back by its fun cast of characters, great albeit samey gameplay and non stop action. You won’t find any awkward stealth sections in this game (thank god).

Unsurprisingly this game didn’t sell in the west. Don’t think it had any advertising at all, which is a shame. It has an open ending and I don’t expect Sega to shell out for a sequel due to its poor sales :(  Which sucks.

But if you’re a fan of solid fun game play and plot twists you can spot a mile off then you should deffo pick this up. It will no doubt keep you entertained after you’ve exhausted Mass Effect 3 😛

Ciao for now.

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