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My dear blog, why do I neglect you so? Life that’s why! Work, social life, family, laziness, and ironically gaming has sapped my time as of late…

But I thought I would just do an update, due to finally finding some spare time. I’ve been playing quite a lot of video games these past weeks (yay) here is a rundown of a few:


Probably should have watched the film before I played this, as it absolutely ruins what happens in the film.

This game is a solid rental, its fun if a little “meh”. Swinging around the Big Apple never gets old though.



Excuse my language….JESUS CHRIST! This game is awesome! Everybody told me, but I assumed they was chatting poo poo.

Got this free on Playstation Plus (You’re welcome), and I can’t put it down. Bring on number two already!


I’m still not fully sold about this game. It looks great on the Vita and the art style is awesome.

But I just am not bothered about it, which is a shame.


I got Dirt Showdown sent to me for review and LOVED it. Completed all single player events, game is stupid hard towards the end.


Think this is such an underrated title for the Vita :( It needs more fanfare dammit!


The less I say about Lollipop Chainsaw the better. Sent it straight back to LoveFilm.



Easy Trophies, that is all.


Heard this game is the bomb on consoles…..on PS Vita, it’s a lazy and dull 3DS port. Sent it straight back also.


This game seems to quite the piece of marmite. I personally adore it, been taking my sweet game going through single player.

Think I’m nearing the end of it, which is making me quite sad :(




My love for this game is starting the dry up in terms of single player, the bag of tricks pretty much wears thin towards the middle section.

Multi-player however, both co-op and competitive, I just too much fine. Sucks that I don’t have the time to give it more attention.



And that is pretty much it. It’s summer meaning there isn’t alot on the horizon for new game releases. So I will probably just go through my bulging backlog of vidya games.

See you next post!

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