My Conundrum :(

My Conundrum :(

Guild Wars 2 released a few weeks back. It’s getting rave reviews and alot of my friends play it and LOVE IT. I want it but there is something in the way of that happening….

And that thing is LIFE. In my teens (feels like a lifetime ago now) I was a huge MMORPG player. I used to waste entire summers levelling up characters and “farming” for items and loot. The original Guild Wars was a title I played the most, to this day I still think that it seriously effected some of my studies…negatively 😛

Everybody is talking about and ofcourse playing Guild Wars 2 right now. I want to join all my friends adventuring onlone, but time seems to a huge factor in me not wanting to pick it up. With a full time job and a fairly avergae social life, I doubt I will have the time to give love to the world of Guild Wars 2 :(

Yea..I was quite obsessed with Guild Wars 1

I guess maybe I am growing up and am finally getting my priorities in order? I mean spending countless hours looking at loot and numbers isn’t that important in the grand scheme of things right?

I could pick up the title, but think it would kill me not being able to invest as much time in it as I did the original. Hmmm or maybe I just need to get used to idea of only playing an MMORPG in short bursts, instead of devoting a whole day/week/summer to it.

I have no idea what the point of this post is btw. And if you’re still reading this then you sir/madame are a saint 😀


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