Ghost Recon: Future Soldier OWNS MW3

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier OWNS MW3

I’ve started playing Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, I must say I am loving it. I feel its superior to Modern Warfare and here are 10 simple reasons why.


1. Team Work

You need a pretty decent amount of team work to win any of the competitive multi-player game modes. “Lone rangers/Rambos” need not apply.


2. Deep Customisation

Sure Modern Warfare has perks and gun mods. But its nowhere as deep as what’s to be found in Future Soldier in regards to weapon customisation.


3. No Team Deathmatch

Part of me was shocked this isn’t in Ghost Recon. But the game modes on offer are truly engaging. And hopefully its omission will put off a few on-line jerks.


4. No Martyrdom Perk

Enough said.


5. Slower Gameplay

Sometimes to succeed in MW it feels like I need to be drip fed caffeine in order to figure out what’s going on.


6. Balanced Classes

Each class in Future Soldier has its own strengths and vulnerabilities.


7. Two shots = Death

Sometimes playing MW I find myself chasing hit markers as sometimes players just seem to absorb bullets. None of that here, if you’ve been shot, you’re probably dead already.


8. Team Mate Spawning

Multi-player maps are can be big. Being able to spawn on a squad mate, whose not in combat is truly a lifesaver. Nobody enjoys having to run half a mile to get back into the action.


9. Nowhere to hide for campers

Apart from the well designed maps, Future Soldier allows you to “detect” foes. So if you’re playing as part of a balanced and well drilled team, you can easily find and take out that pesky camper!


10. A superb lack of high pitched 11 to 12 year olds

Maybe its too “hard” for them. Thank god for that!


That’s it! Those are my reasons. And before you ask, I’m not a bitter Call of Duty “noob”. I have prestiged multiple times on many of those titles and am just happy for something fresh and intriguing. Not to mention MW3 is downright awful.

Bring on the hate!








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