Assassin’s Creed in China? Yes Plz!

Assassin’s Creed in China? Yes Plz!

We’re all quite looking forward to the next instalments of Assassin’s Creed Right? Well in my excitement I found an artist with an idea for where the franchise could go next…

“So, what if the assassin’s tale happened in the ancient empire of China, where only power and conspiracy ruled? He leaped from the raft to another, striking directly to the heart of his target! Deadly and graceful.”

The artwork and concept featured in this post were created by the amazing DeviantArtist, ChaoyuanXu. I think we can all agree that this idea and its execution are absolutely stunning.

The American Civil war era setting of Assassin’s creed is of course pretty interesting in itself, but the notion of a Creed tale with an Oriental setting is one which excitements me more-so. Hope you’re listening Ubisoft, Ninja Assassin’s plzthnxbye!

Anyway, enough of my drooling. Check out more of ChaoyuanXu‘s stunning artwork below.

(If you want to download these images in full size, just click the image :))


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