A Solid Weekend Ahead

A Solid Weekend Ahead

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After last weeks amazing guest post. Anything I post after it would simply look lame in comparison. But here we go anyway!

As you probably already know, MGS HD collection is out this Friday! I am a HUGE fan of the franchise and to be able to go back and play these classics in HD is a dream come true. This might actually be the first game i endeavour to platinum. Trophies trophies trophies!!! I have only played MGS2 the once and am thoroughly looking forward to naked flips with Raiden and attempting to understand the confusing as hell script. I usually don’t both with HD collections as they just seem a con usually, but this is one I woudn’t mind shelling out for. (And the Zone of the Enders HD collection :P)

I’m thoroughly enjoying Resident Evil Revelations on 3DS also. Quite impressed with its graphics and espically how well the 3D effects are implemented. Shame about the abysmal plot and script though. But that’s a Resident Evil norm i guess.

That’s all from me, nothing too huge has happened in video games that I care to write about. Also work is pretty busy, still trying to make sure the Vita actually has content to download on day one! Its almost here! 😀

Ciao for now.


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