Aurora Exceeds 1 Million Unique Players!

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Most people assume that Playstation Home is “dead”, well it certainly isn’t going by this peice of news…


Digital publisher nDreams is pleased to announce that Aurora, one of the first free-to-play console games, has now had more than one million unique players!

The floating archipelago launched last year in the PlayStation Home virtual world, which is exclusive to the PlayStation®3 console. Aurora has already amassed just under 7 million visits in total.

Really pleased to here this as nDreams has always been a company I have followed, due to its close links with Sony and the fact that a few of my friends have worked there (and loved it).

“We are delighted that over a million unique players have explored Aurora so far. If everyone who has played Aurora stood in a queue, it would stretch non-stop from London to Edinburgh – so it’s a big number that we’re very proud of. We’ll be continuing to evolve and expand Aurora, and we’re looking forward to a busy second half to the year as we expand the studio further.” said nDreams CEO Patrick O’Luanaigh.

I may not frequent Playstation Home often, but when I do, it’s never quiet or empty and its great to see that it still has a quiet yet huge and dedicated following.

The awesome Joe Dale who works for nDreams sent me this info, he also offered me a virtual tour of Home and their spaces, I may have to take him up on that offer soon!



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