Sound Shapes Review

Sound Shapes Review

Sound Shapes came out in Europe this week on Vita and PS3. This is a title I personally couldn’t wait to come out! Here is a quick review…

This game is stupidly awesome!


Okay I will go into a bit more detail than my exclamation above. This is quite a tough game to try and describe, it’s a music platformer/puzzler. You control a little ball with the ability to stick to certain colour coded surroundings. Your basic task it so get from on end of the level to another, while avoiding some at times fiendish enemies and obstacles. The music comes into play little balls which you have to collect in each stage, each all adds to beat to the background music of the level. The more balls you collect the more complex (and catchy) the level music becomes.

The game is split into five “albums, with each one differing in design, tone and the type of music. I don’t want to into too much detail as I feel it will spoil the game, but let me just say that each of these 5 albums are great. Each on has an art style and soundtrack created by different artists, from the calm earthy tunes of Beck to crazy beats of Deadmau5.

This game is beautiful and on that Vita screen, your eyes will be in for a treat. The fact that each level interacted dynamically interacted with the music never got old, with some the genuine creativity on display being some of the most eye catching I’ve seen in some time.

The gameplay is pretty straightforward but there is some complexity to this game. This comes in form of the level crater. You can build levels using a pretty intuitive interface and it’s pretty limitless in regards to the tunes you can create for your level. I’ve played on a level with the Legend of Zelda theme tune and even played a Rhianna track 😀

Also of note is that this title uses the Sony “Cross buy” feature, so if you buy it on Vita you get the PS3 version at no extra cost and vice versa. You can even transfer saves and trophies between the devices.

Overall this is a fun little title, sure it won’t be for everybody but if you have some time (and  a little cash) to spare you should invest it in this great little title.



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