My Top films of. . . .

My Top films of. . . .

After seeing the AMAZING new trailer for the upcoming Avengers Movie, I was inspired to post what movies I am looking forward to most in 2012.


Avengers Assemble

Well this was obvious wasn’t it? From the moment I knew this project was in the works, I knew that this was going to be the comic book movie to end all comic book movies! This is no doubt my most anticipated movie and as an dirty dirty Iron Man fan the end of this trailer made me squeal like a little girl!

And I personally think the UK name change to Avengers Assembled isn’t so bad 😀


The Amazing Spiderman

I must admit I had my doubt’s about Andrew Garfield. I don’t really know what he has done apart from the Social Network. And the original costume shot of Spidey looked quite garish. However this trailer really convinced me that he could pull of the role of everybody’s smart mouthed man spider.

The villain personally I’m quite “meh” about, but I think for a reboot The Lizard is the perfect choice to keep the film grounded and not  distract from the main man!


The Hunger Games

I read The Hunger Games a few years ago. I simply couldn’t get into it for whatever reason. I started it again earlier this year and found myself horribly enjoying it. The main issue people seem to have with the trilogy of books is that it’s got an all too similar story line to that much loved Japanese classic, Battle Royale. And also it shares a few themes with the Twilight collection of books.

But balls to that, the book is a gritty yet heart warming tale. My only issue is that the books are quite violent. And rumours are that this film will be a 12A or even a PG as to not alienate its core demographic and fan base. This would be a damn shame, but it makes sense I guess. Fingers crossed this is actually good and does well enough to have the other books made into movies as well. 


The Dark Knight Rises

Well we have certainly been waiting a long time for this one right? Christopher Nolan and Christian Bales swan song. There is a lot of hype surrounding this film, yet somehow I think this movie will meet expectation and more. And Ed Hardy as the beast that is Bain seems to be a perfect casting choice (Hope they sort out the mumbling though)

I have not read up on anything in regards to this film as I don’t want it spoiled so don’t have much to say about it 😛 But trust me this will be big!


Honourable Mentions


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