IGN Pub Quiz! – Part TWO

IGN Pub Quiz! – Part TWO

I’m a bit drunk while posting this so excuse the probably bad grammar and spellingz


Last night was the IGN UK Pub Quiz – Part Two Quiz Harder (mouthful much). It was a night filled with banter, prizes and importantly booze!

The questions were particularly fiendish and my team struggled from the start. Think we all overestimated our movie and gaming knowledge ¬_¬

But we came through in the end and hear is my haul of the goods!

Yes that’s a BBQ grill…..

It was great  catching up with some of the IGN UK guys, people in the gaming industry and just pure and simple nerds 😀

Highlight of the night is deffo this pic though…..

Me and the legend that is Chin!


A great time was had by all! Thanks again for putting on another great even guys!

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