IGN 100 Podcast Party = jizzalloverthefloorandabitonyourconversestastic

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Slightly drunk from the free drinks while writing this so forgive any grammatical and spelling errors. I will not proof read this in the morning simply to keep the authenticity.

First off, simply WOW! IGN UK celebrated their 100th Podcast in style at the swanky 100 club in west end, with Nintendo along for the ride! The evening started on a high with me and a mate getting a sexy 100th IGN UK podcast t-shirt courtesy of Insert Coin Clothing. Then we got our free drink tokens and from then we knew this was going to get “messy”.

We walked in to be greeted by Nintendo with an army of 3DS’s and some pretty exclusive games. I got to play SUPER MARIO 3DS, MARIO KART 7, LUIGI’s MANSION 2, STAR FOX 64 3DS and METAL GEAR 3DS. I wasn’t expecting these titles to be there and was chuffed I got to play them and will swiftly be adding them to my gaping pre-order list. And OMG the Nintendo girls, they were so nice and friendly, more on them later

After this came the whole IGN UK gang onto the stage and they kicked serious ass. I even got picked to be part of a quiz on stage to win a 3DS but alas I wasn’t nerdy enough to win, but came 2nd and won a Mario hat and moustache which could prove useful on a night out. The gang then did a live podcast which was pretty hilarious and I can’t wait to listen and hear my heckling!!

Back to the Nintendo girls, wow they was quite hot. And I spoke to few and even had a smoke outside with one (I don’t smoke though) >_

Took my 3DS and got pretty much Streetpass raped and I raked up about 30 more Mii’s in my plaza.

STORM TROOPERS!! They was quite menacing throughout the night but were kind enough to take pictures with us nerds.

Last but not least was Nintendisco who throughout the night played “some sick beats bruv” with a Nintendo spin on some tracks. The 8-bit Muse cover was too awesome for words.

Anywho check out these pictures from the night (Piss poor Iphone Quality ), Thanks again IGN, heres to another 100 Podcasts

PS- Poor Sad Dan that cake/meat/Marmite combo must have tasted abysmal



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