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So 2011 has been a pretty major year for games (the best ever?). Towards the end of the year especially was pretty silly and my bank account is still recovering from it.

I have mostly been playing Skyrim and Uncharted for the last few weeks, but now they have both been replaced!From the pics you’ve probably already guessed what i’m playing now. I got my 3DS on the week it launched and to be honest it hasn’t really been much more than an ornament. The problem was lack of quality titles. Sure Zelda and Starfox came out earlier in the year, but I’ve played both of those games before

The 3DS has no doubt suffered and I truely believe that if it wasn’t for that price cut, the console would be pretty much dead in water no matter what. But the end of 2011 has seen Nintendo come through with two great first party titles. First Super Mario 3D Land. I am having stupid amounts of fun with this game, the reviews for it have been mixed with people complaining that it feels like a rush job. Word on the grapevine is that it was a rush job in order to getit  ready for the holiday season. Rush job or not, this is platforming at its best, simple yet challenging, beautful graphics and a great soundtrack. What more do you want from a Mario game? And the 3D unsuprisngly is the best the system has produced so far. It makes me want to play only in 3D and I never thought any game could make me feel that way.

The 2nd title to make me FINALLY fall in love with my 3DS is mario kart. I won’t talk much about this as we all know the deal, IT ROCKS. Once again people are complaining that it was a rush job that doesn’t add anything new to the series. I couldn’t care less, this is multiplayer gaming at its purest and most fun form. The online service on this game needs to be applauded, it looks like Nintendo are at last getting their act together with online play. Lobbies, tournaments and friend invites are all here and the game runs silky smooth online with manic 8 player races.

OK I shall stop licking Nintendo’s ass now, but i’m just so pleased that both of these titles are finally here and with the hype around the 3DS this winter at fever pitch, I see a better future for the system. 2012 will no doubt prove whether the device will be a hit or flop it seems, so fingers crossed Nintendo have now learnt from their mistakes!

PS – Here is my 3DS friend code: 0087-2318-1605 I take no prisoners so expect plenty of red shells flying your way.

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