Why all the hate?

So this is the trailer which appears to not only be destroying the character of Raiden but the Metal Gear franchise itself for some.

I loved Bayonetta and Vanquish, both fast and frantic action games that weren’t afraid to be different. Hearing that Platinum Games are now at the helm of this title personally filled me with glee. Sure the game is looking to be a huge departure from what the game originally touted but so what? Mr Kojima himself is quoted as saying the original idea for the game simply didn’t work both technically and as a good credible video game. Kojima rarely sets a foot wrong when creating video games so I 100% take he’s word for it.

The game looks mental, tanks getting sliced in half and Raiden himself tossing a Metal Gear left me gobsmacked. But my main problem hasn’t been with the game but with my fellow gamers. H.A.T.E in its purest form has been slung at this game and Kojima. Yes the game appears to be a bit O.T.T and yes this story appears to be canon to Metal Gear but give it a chance. People are saying that every Metal Gear game will now be solely action, I don’t think this would be the case as they sell too well as a stealth game for them to do that. And secondly the game doesn’t have the word “Solid” in the title, this is important as it highlights that the game is a spin-off and not the future of the series.

Simply put, give the damn game a chance. Would you rather a game that Kojima doesn’t have faith on, or a title which he believes will entertain us till the next inevitable Solid title?

I know which one I would choose.

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