Resistance 3, overlooked game of the year so far?


Remember my post a few weeks ago about the army of games coming out in the next few months that I need to buy? No? Well I have been clever, you see the “No?” at the end of the previous sentence, what iv’e done is I have made it into one of those hyper-link things and when you click it you will be taken to the aforementioned post.

So its a pretty long list of games that I want, and 1 slipped under the rader. Its a game that Sony pushes incredibly with marketing and it has been a console shifter for the PS3. No, not Uncharted I’m talking about Resistance 3. (If you hadn’t already guesses)

For one reason or another this has never been a franchise that has grabbed me in any way shape or form and it’s a game that I did’t even know was coming out next week. Now I know there are many die hard fans out there, but has this franchise ever been mainstream popular? (does it matter?). Its obviously an important game for Insomniac as this is the 3rd game in this arch and it has a few spin off titles for handheld.

Resistance 1 and 2 are highly rated games with the multi-player being quite popular however I simply just couldn’t be assed for the previous two, kinda bored of the whole aliens attack FPS genre and also the game has way too much brown for my liking.

And lets not forget the two FPS’s coming out soon which shall not be named. They no doubt are removing the hype for this game and most probably unintentionally.

I have two PlayStation Events this weeked to try this game out, will I be swayed and end up loving this? Or will it reinforce why I don’t really care much for this franchise?




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