FIFA12…Not a rehash in Disguise

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The weekend of a new FIFA release for me and my friends is something of a celebration. Usually we all converge in one location with a console, tv, sofa, booze and the new FIFA. The matches we play are usually one of two extremes, goals galore as we get to grips with the change in pacing or boring no goal draws as nobody has nailed how to shoot yet.

This didn’t occur last year with FIFA 11. The matches played were pretty much standard affairs without much excitement or epic flops in 1 on 1 situations with keepers. What i’m trying to explain (badly) here is that FIFA 11 felt like simply a glorified squad and kit update for FIFA 10. There wasn’t any notable features apart from the whole player personality thing which nobody really cared for.

FIFA 12 on the other hand is a revelation, precision control, updated career modes, online clubs, friend notifications and the quite controversial addition of tactical defending.

Who would have thought that losing to West Brom while playing as Manchester United could feel so good! It just proves that this is a new game and one which needs hours of practice in order to master (Or a least become good at).

The presentation in this is also stunning, the menu, notifications, pre match graphics and commentating are all top notch and put that “other” football franchise to shame.

The new Impact Engine is hot or miss but for the most part creates life like animations which add much needed realism to the game.

As you can tell I am incredibly happy with FIFA 12 and intend to spend hours on-line trying to dominate fools who stand against me.

Sure im pretty much going to be facing Barcelona and Man City teams on-line all the time and have people disconnect when losing, but hey that’s FIFA BABY!!

PS – Tactical defending is here to stay, get used to it or go play Pokemon Dash or something.

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