Disgaea 4…Your on my list


Its a known fact that im a HUGE Disgaea fan. The adventures of Laharl and Prinnies are dear to me and I have owned every title from PS2 days and even bought the ports for the handhelds.

Imagine my surprise while browsing Gametrailers to see a review for Disgaea 4 pop up. I absolutely and categorically forgot about this game. Of-course the franchise has never been mainstream and I guess its only natural that it fell of my radar considering the big (and hugely marketed) titles that are coming in the next few months.

As a huge anime geek the artstyle for all the titles have always amazed me and even stories have that random Japanese tone to them which some hate but I adore. The outlandish over the top voice acting is also awesome and its always funny how most reviewers don’t understand that this is done purposely as a form of self parody.

I used to hate strategy RPGs but Nintendo’s Fire Emblem on the gameboy advance brought me into them and I guess Disgaea was a natural progression since Fire Emblem titles come out like once a decade!

The Gametrailers review was quite mixed and it boiled down to the game being largely the same as previous titles and I for one am pleased with this. Disgaea 3 tried to deviate from the path and it largely fell flat.

Have to wait till October 28th in the UK for this though (ages I know). However I might be sneaky and buy an import copy of this to get some time with it before the BIG boys come out.

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