Tekken:Blood Vengeance, Cheese never looked so good!

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Yesterday evening I got to visit the Mayfair hotel. And might I say that place is swanky. No it wasn’t to spend the night there sadly, but to go enjoy an evening of tekken, hosted by IGN (thanks guys).

FREE BOOOOZE ALL NIGHT which was surprising and cool, I wish i was a heaver drinker just so I could see how far I could go with going to bar and asking for more. The evening was filled with press and nerds galore all gathering around a number of 360 pods playing tekken, drinking and eating snacks till the main event started.

The main event was Tekken: Blood Vengeance, a CGI 3D movie based on (you guessed it) Tekken. Where do I start with this firstly, the dubbing was HORRIBLE, so bad that it was funny. The lips simply didn’t at all even try to match the English voiceover and the dialogue was simply hilarious.

Lines such as “It felt so warm on me” and “Im going to let out my inner devil” are just some of the lines which had people laughing out loud. In terms of story there wasn’t really one, bad guy does something evil, good guys win. No character development or plot twits to be found but would you even want that in a Tekken movie?

The film was in 3D and this made the fight scenes pop out and a 3 way brawl towards the end of the movie was simply spectacular.

Overall a good cheesy film rounded up what was a great and well hosted night.

Thanks again IGN!

PS- Nerds need to start using deodorant coming on people, I couldn’t tell if my eyes were watering from the 3D or the STANK!

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