“Avengers Assemble!…(in a year or so)”

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Thor, X-men: First Class and now Captain America. Marvel has had a pretty busy few months promoting these films, I think Ive seen at least one Marvel Movie poster a day for half a year now. Not that im complaining

Today I finally got around to seeing Captain America. I don’t think there was a lot of buzz around this movie in terms of mainstream popularity, most probably due to a certain Billion Dollar Wizard.

This film was pretty great! It was a great origin story, Chris Evans pulled of a believable wimp (thanks to some creepy looking CGI) and then played a believable Captain America who wasn’t nowhere near as cheesy as he is usually portrayed.

The premise for the movie was a simple bad guy (red skull) wants to rule the world and the good guys save the day. Maybe that’s the films slight flaw as it was a buy the numbers action movie without any real substance to it. But its Captain America there’s not really a lot to him and he’s universe.

But of course this film was just a primer for…………

The Avengers 2012 Marvel Movie

Thor, Hulk, Cap America and Iron all in one movie. Can’t friken wait for this!! I know theres a teaser trailer for this movie after the Captain America movie credits, but I really needed to pee so couldn’t wait lol

BRING ON 2012!!


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