Ciao 2011, its been a blast!

Ciao 2011, its been a blast!

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Coursework, exams, graduation, unemployment, 7Bit Arcade, Sony and a shitload of both good and bad. This year for me been an super roller-coaster ride.

One thing that has remained constant is the games. We have been given some great games this year, most of which have been sequels. Also few new IP’s have appeared this year, most notably LA: Noire and The Last of Us . I won’t bore you with yet another list of the best games of 2011 and why they rock, so just check out the images below to see a few of my top pics.

[nggallery id=5]

Over the past few months I have been quite lazy with the blog, mainly due to life :( So for 2012 i’m going to TRY and make the blog better. I have already started with the new layout, it isn’t finished yet so expect a few more tweeks.

Guest posting is something I am looking into, the people I have asked have been nothing but positive, so I will attempt to make this happen. Would be nice to see another persons views/writing style on a few posts.

Lastly i’m going to cover more of the gaming events I visit. I went to quite a few in 2011 but rarely posted about them. Which is quite silly considering they are usually my most read posts 😛

Finger crossed 2012 will be yet another awesome year for gaming. I can’t wait for the PS Vita even though it will mean more work for me at Sony >_

Anywho, hope you all have a Happy New Year!!!

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