Uncharted 3 at the 7-Bit Arcade

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A taster of Uncharted 3’s online component was rolled out last week on PSN. I for one am having a ball with it! Splosions, guns, treasure and boobs. It has it all 😀 I will definitely be investing some time with Uncharted 3 multi-player when it comes out, the co-op especially should prove to be loads of fun.

I have started writing for an awesome website called 7-Bit Arcade. My first article was my impressions of the Uncharted 3 beta. Its a great website with reviews on games, music, gigs and it has some pretty thought provoking articles so go check it out. Also look out for the up and coming Pod-cast aswell!!

Also LoveFilm have done me good this week by sending Ace Combat: Assault Horizon to me on the release date. Was actually going to go and buy this so I am incredibly chuffed. Iv’e found that if you order less popular and main stream titles from these guys that there is a good chance that you will get it on the release weekend 😀

Have a good weekend all!




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