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For various reasons over the past few years I have neglected my Xbox360 in favour for my PS3. I have been waiting for the right title to seduce me to turn it back on. Fable? Nope. Halo Reach? Nope. Gears of War 3? HELL YES!

I loved the last two game in the series so this was a game I was waiting for. I had my doubts about it though and stayed away from the beta. However when I saw reviews for this game claiming it was almost perfect, I knew it was time to dust off my 360.

Iv’e played it for an hour or two and just WOW. The graphics are amazing, its crazy to see that the unreal3 engine can still pull its weight even today. And the game-play is simply stunning its easy to see a not broke don’t fix approach was taken, with just a few tweaks here and there to refine some of its weaker elements from the previous games.

Horde-mode is simply stellar, Gears2 started the trend and it paved the way for copycats down the years. But Gears3 has made horde-mode quite frankly perfect and the addition of getting cash for kills to spend on weapons and defences is a sweet touch which adds more to an already great mode.

Anyway I shall get out of Epic Game’s ass now 😛

Anyroad back to Horde Mode!!

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