Mass Effect Multi-player….My thoughts…WHY?

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The guys (and girls) at EA and Bioware have been teasing a “killer feature” in Mass Effect 3 that would blow us all away. Rumours were saying it was a multi-player component and we all assumed this had to be it. Sadly the rumours were indeed true.

The Mass Effect games to me are the epitome of a single player experience and a shining light to how a well written story, deep characters and good game-play can take you away into a believable living and breathing universe. My greatest fear was that it would be competitive multi-player but luckily this wasn’t the case.

So its Co-op. Not a big deal right? But its Co-op that will have a “direct impact” on the single player campaign. I couldn’t think of anything worse. Thankfully this is optional and you can still play the single player experience and be happy. But my problem is WHY?

As far as I can tell nobody has really screamed for this feature and putting in some no doubt “tacked on” component in the FINAL act of such an epic story I think might just cheapen the whole thing. What if this feature sucks? No doubt it will negatively effect peoples thoughts towards the whole game.

I personally won’t touch this until I have completed the single player to my complete satisfaction as I wouldn’t want the incompetence of a friend to ruin the finale of a story which I have shaped through two games BY MYSELF.

Anywho rant over (for now).


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