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Another post, another game I forgot was being released soon and its another Anime game. This time its Bleach: Soul Resurrection. Yet another obscure/niche game that in the UK will probably only sell about 3 (or maybe 4) copies.

The game is based on an anime called Bleach about a human boy getting to grips with been chosen to be a death god. It has huge battles, boobs and other anime stuff which would take too much time writing about it.

The game plays basically like Dynasty Warriors. Cutting down legions of goons with your over powered character along with a few light RPG elements. I don’t usually like that sort of game, however I love this anime. Have been reading it for 10 years now.

Bleach games are HUGE in Japan but rarely come out over here for obvious reasons. We have had a Bleach Wii title and a few DS games released. But none of the popular PS2 fighters ever came to our shores. So its quite surprising the first bleach PS3 game is being released here, I’m not complaining though!

Luckily I have had the chance to play this at a few events and enjoyed it. I doubt I will put down the money to buy this on day one I might wait till it goes on sale or give it a rental. Simply because games like these don’t offer that much depth and are basically button bashers.

NIS are one of my favourite game publishers and it’s great that they are bringing this to the UK along with Disgaea 4 which I blogged about last post.

PS- The gaming tsunami is almost upon us people. Get those Pre-orders sorted!

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