Shells, booze and IGN

Yes shells, bananas and booze were the order of the day in Central London Yesterday. The awesome guys at IGN UK held a Mario Kart 7 meet and greet last night. I have ploughed Skyrim-esque hours into the latest version of Mario Kart but even so I doubted my chances of actually beating people face to face. And with all the trash talk before the event, stakes where high! But lookie here…..


Yup I won shit!!!! First was a time trial. Luigi’s Mansion with the five fastest times winning stuff. Kooper Trooper has been my number since the SNES days so he was no doubt my choice. I had one attempt and had my time put down. I thought nothing of this as I could hear the screams of people setting crazy ass times. But surprisingly I came 3rd and won a Mario item box filled with loads of cool movie and gaming stuffs.

After that came the main reason why I came, to let people know that I am king of karts. Well that plan failed somewhat at first as I came in my first race. I lead the race and simply got blown outta the way in the last turning. Sure I was disheartened but I didn’t let it stop me. I jumped into another lobby, chose my boy the Kooper and raced again. I made the same slight mistake of leading the race again. I built enough of a lead to be able to withstand the onslaught of damned blue shells. It was the last turning on the final lap and all I had was a banana, some guy playing a Yoshi was creeping up on me and I laid it down in hope he would hit it, WHICH HE DID. And with that I won the race and chose one of the many wrapped gifts. My intuition served me well and I chose the best prize….


Kinda ironic, that the Sony guy won that tbh That’s all everyone said.

Big thanks to the IGN guys for setting that up. It was a great night, I made some new friends and handed Thom Butler hes ass at Mario Kart

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