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London Comic Con – October 2014

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Another year, another crazy few days at the Excel Center. Filled with awesome cosplayers, cool merch and the odd celebrity or two looking confused about the whole thing. It was all pretty standard, however this may have been the best London Comic Con yet, due to one simple thing, organisation. In my post about this […]

  • London MCM Expo 2014 (The best one yet)
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London MCM Expo 2014 (The best one yet)

Another year, another MCM Expo. With two of these each year, you would assume that somehow the event would become stale after a while. How very very wrong. If I could describe this year’s event with one word, it would simply be “BIGGER”. As the event has become more and more popular, you find that […]

Hyper Japan 2013!

Hyper Japan 2013!

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Lost my Hyper Japan Virginity over the weekend. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I was worried that the balance of video game, anime and Japanese culture in general simply wouldn’t work all in one location. With at least one being made to look pretty sparse. Well how wrong was I? It was simply […]

Running for Special Effect

Running for Special Effect

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Hi all! Quite a unique post this week, but one I feel had to be done. For the past  few weeks and months, me and friends have been training for the annual London 10K run. Although I’m somewhat a fitness freak, this isn’t something I wouldn’t normally think about participating in (as I’m also quite […]

E3 2013 – My thoughts

E3 2013 – My thoughts

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Bit late, but with this being such an amazing E3, I thought I would put down a few of my thoughts on the shenanigans. Don’t worry, i’ll keep it brief 😛   Microsoft had a lot to prove with this years E3. The whole always online/DRM features didn’t go down well with gamers. And the […]

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