Deus SEX!


My dear mother said to me last week, “are you getting that Deus something game?”. She isn’t a gamer and had to comment on the bombardment of advertising for this game. Seriously Square Enix marketed this game like a Halo or Call of Duty. Around London this game is everywhere, the advert has been placed in the advert breaks of shows which usually get millions of viewers (X-factor, Big Brother) and its on every other bloody video I try to watch on Youtube. Don’t think I have ever seen Square Enix push a title in such a major way ever. And no doubt it worked because EVERYBODY is talking about this.


I’m not even going to bother doing a review as you probably have read and watched a million reviews of this already or simply already have the game and don’t care.


This game is AMAZING, I can’t remember a game which has left me thinking as to have to figure out a problem in such depth and have me truly worrying about the consequence of my actions. Maybe Mass Effect is the only other game I can think of which has hit me on this level.


I’m a sneaky guy so playing it quite stealthy and loving it, although its hilarious how many air vents the buildings of the future may have. I love the combat, the rpg character development and just the whole universe.

My ONE gripe so far is the AI, I’m fairly early on in the game but the AI is ridiculous and can be exploited so easily that it takes me out of the experience.

AI has been quite a problem with me this gaming generation as I find that after an hour or two into a game I have already memorised how to exploit the enemies AI and simply end up taking the piss for the rest of the game.


So far its a truly great game and was worth the wait. Good job Eidos/Enix

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