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This SNES themed custom 3DS is a work of art!

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So the New 3DS has only been out for a few months now in Europe and it’s unsurprisingly gone down a storm. It’s also going down a storm with the modding community, as seen in the awesome images spinning above. People are really going wild in designing custom faceplates. Modder and twitter user Pablo created this […]

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My New (New) 3DS in Pics!

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It’s the first week of January, the Christmas trees have all been burnt and we’re all slowly remembering what we hate about our lives. In the video game world there’s a distinct lack of new releases and what you were excited about was probably delayed…. But one company has your back (well they had mine […]

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Games are coming…Finally

The usual summer gaming drought is almost over. The Last of Us and Animal Crossing have helped me in over coming the lull in releases found at this time of year. With an exciting Autumn and Winter ahead of us, I’ve put together a quick run-down of what should hopefully be getting you excited (and […]

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Monster Hunter 4 T-shirts at Uniqlo!

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I may not be the biggest Monster Hunter fan out there, but I know a lot of folks who live by it. Well uniqlo has come through for the gamers again, with a new range of t-shirts for the upcoming Monster Hunter 4! We got some more info on the game today via Nintendo Direct. […]

Should Nintendo Quit Consoles?

Should Nintendo Quit Consoles?

Hey! It’s been a while since I’ve put my opinion on my blog. To be honest I’ve just been looking for the right topic. And this week it finally came to me. As you probably heard Nintendo had another “Nintendo Direct” earlier this week.   Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, a new 3DS based Yoshi’s […]

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