Hyper Japan 2013!

Hyper Japan 2013!

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Lost my Hyper Japan Virginity over the weekend. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I was worried that the balance of video game, anime and Japanese culture in general simply wouldn’t work all in one location. With at least one being made to look pretty sparse.

Well how wrong was I? It was simply amazing! As a gamer it was great to see (finally) Nintendo going on a marketing push. Mario Kart tournaments, an Animal Crossing life size town and a chance for people to play the recently released Pikmin 3.

As an anime fan I wasn’t disappointed also. Naruto, Pokemon, Attack on Titan, Evengelion and much more where all represented on a number of stands for us to get excited about.

Finally I have to mention some of the quite frankly stunning cosplayers on show. Wish I had the time (and balls) to give it a try 😀

All in all, it’s safe to say, this won’t be my last Visit to Hyper Japan.

Check out more of my snaps from the event here – Pics.

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