Running for Special Effect

Running for Special Effect

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Hi all!

Quite a unique post this week, but one I feel had to be done. For the past  few weeks and months, me and friends have been training for the annual London 10K run. Although I’m somewhat a fitness freak, this isn’t something I wouldn’t normally think about participating in (as I’m also quite lazy too).

However I’m doing this for a great cause. Me, Chin Soon Sun, Jaspreet Singh Marwaha, Mariola Francois and Samantha W have joined together to create The Gaming Family.

A team tasked with running the 10k and raising money for Special Effect. A charity that truly changes lives.


“Our mission is to enable anyone, whatever their disability, to enjoy video games and leisure technology.”


Able bodied folk take tend to take gaming for granted, but it’s a hobby which not all can participate in with such ease. Special Effect has taken up the task to enrich the lives of people with disabilities and have them enjoy gaming the same way we do.

Below is a little insight into the amazing ways they use our donations:



As a long time gamer and someone who works in the industry, raising money for this cause was a no-brainer. And have been overwhelmed by the amount of donations and love we have all been shown over the past few months. And the time is almost here to actually get running (and hopefully not die from exhaustion).

Our goal was to make £1000 and thanks to amazing friends and family, we did it!. With the run happening this coming Sunday, we would still appreciate more donations to further help the cause. Anything you can spare, no matter how small will make a world of difference to someone.

So if you would like to play a part, you can donate online here – The Gaming Family.

Thanks for reading and thanks for all the support!

And finally………..LETS DO THIS!


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