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The Pokemon Range @ (You gotta see them all)

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  • / Comments Off on The Pokemon Range @ (You gotta see them all) is a website I’ve followed for a while now, some of the gaming inspired clothing they sell is sometimes out of this world. I mean just take a look at their range of Nintendo apparel. Following the Nintendo theme, they have now released a Pokemon Range of clothing. It ranges from tasteful to awesome […]

My favourite CGI/Announcement trailers!

My favourite CGI/Announcement trailers!

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The recent Batman: Arkham Knight Announcement trailer got gamers, comic book fans and nerds in general screaming like One Direction fans. No doubt that’s the aim of announcement trailers, to get us hyped and wanting more info about the title. It got me thinking, what other trailers have got me as excited as I was […]

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Games are coming…Finally

The usual summer gaming drought is almost over. The Last of Us and Animal Crossing have helped me in over coming the lull in releases found at this time of year. With an exciting Autumn and Winter ahead of us, I’ve put together a quick run-down of what should hopefully be getting you excited (and […]

Gotta stitch them all!

Gotta stitch them all!

Time to blog about another one of my nerdy Internet finds. We all know that the original 150 Pokémon are the greatest of them all… Linda, a 26 year old Latvian agrees. So much in fact that she decided to cross stitch the original gang of 150 Pokémon on a canvas. It took her a 8 whopping months!   It’s stunning right? I can’t imagine […]

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