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My New (New) 3DS in Pics!

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It’s the first week of January, the Christmas trees have all been burnt and we’re all slowly remembering what we hate about our lives. In the video game world there’s a distinct lack of new releases and what you were excited about was probably delayed….

But one company has your back (well they had mine anyway), Nintendo of course! Yesterday to most of the worlds surprise they announced the return of the 3DS ambassador programme and sent a lucky few in EU regions the chance to get the New 3DS early along with some sexy exclusive offerings.


The £180 bundle includes:

  • New Nintendo 3DS (White)
  • New Nintendo 3DS stylus
  • 4 GB microSDHC memory card
  • The exclusive Ambassador Edition Cover Plate (Front)
  • Super Smash Bros. Cover Plates (Front and Back)
  • Charging cradle (White)


I clicked buy quicker than you could say “But I already own a 3DS XL”. Ever since this 3DS refresh was announced I paid very little attention to it, simply because it didn’t really seem to offer anything really new to the console. A bit more powerful, apparently better 3D, a new nub stick and the addition of the customizable faceplate, all not really game changers for the console.


So you might ask why do I now own a New 3DS…..Because Nintendo, just shut up and look at the pretty pics I took of the damn thing.



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