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IGN Pub Quiz! – Part TWO

IGN Pub Quiz! – Part TWO

I’m a bit drunk while posting this so excuse the probably bad grammar and spellingz   Last night was the IGN UK Pub Quiz – Part Two Quiz Harder (mouthful much). It was a night filled with banter, prizes and importantly booze! The questions were particularly fiendish and my team struggled from the start. Think we all overestimated our movie and gaming knowledge […]

Work in Progress

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My blog is undergoing a sexy revamp for 2012  I might not be posting for a while as I get the layout sorted So far so good with this wordpress theme. However it’s going to take me some time getting used to it! Lets do this!!!!!      

Christmas Win and The Last of Us

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Had a crazy couple of days lately. First the 7Bit Arcade Awards Party, which was awesome. I won the award for best profile picture. Would have a crime if my horribly vain pic didn’t win tbh! Yesterday was the Sony Playstation Christmas party, based in a stupidly beautiful venue in Central London. Free booze was […]

Shells, booze and IGN

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Yes shells, bananas and booze were the order of the day in Central London Yesterday. The awesome guys at IGN UK held a Mario Kart 7 meet and greet last night. I have ploughed Skyrim-esque hours into the latest version of Mario Kart but even so I doubted my chances of actually beating people face to face. And […]

Eurogamer Expo….the aftermath

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Last week was the Eurogamer Expo in London town. I was supposed to cover a few days but due to a manly injury (whatever that is) I could only attend the final day. Not a lot came out of this expo in terms of gaming news. However what did come out was the release date […]

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