The 3DS has finally caught up…..

Thanks to my new friends at Metro and Nintendo I got given 3DS about a week after launch, at first it was pure MEH to this dull looking “Cosmo Black” device. I already had Street Fighter on Xbox and it had no online functionality what so ever apart from that of Street Fighters on-line bouts. Here is diary of how I went from being indifferent to this device to having it be one of my most important pieces of tech.


1. Boo I got a black one. BOOOOOOOOO.

2.I’ve played this game way too much already on PS3. And all the other release games suck, HARD.

3. BOOOOOOO the browser doesn’t even work yet. Lame no E-store till late May.

4. 3D looks kinda nice, feel a bit sick though.



1.  Here play my 3Ds, its cool right? Yea id rather play street fighter on console too.

2. Oooo Streetpass hit? I got a new Mii, this is kinda fun.

3. Nintendo says the “Big Update” is coming late May!! WIN!



1. Should really clean this thing its getting a bit dusty.

2. MCM Expo? Maybe I should take my 3DS and Streetpass the day

3. Dead Or Alive Dimensions getting pretty good reviews, bye Street Fghter.

4. Dead or Alive Dimensions looks like a console game and plays like one. 3DS gets played in hour intervals instead of short 10 minute bursts.

5. Holy crap 30 new Miis an MCM Expo? If this thing was more pocket friendly id take it literally everywhere to collect peoples Miis.



1. Dead or Alive still fun and waking up to new challenges and costumes means my 3DS is a daily feature of my morning.

2. The big update FINALLY arrives, a browser that you can use in game to look for a guide if you get stuck? An E-store with old skool games like Super Mario and Zelda? TAKE MY MONEY NOW!

3. Ocarina of Time 3ds……


The 3DS has a feature which checks how much you play the console. In March, April May collectively I played only 20 hours. At this point in June (13th), I have already played 18 hours :O I feel like the  3Ds is finally a console which has finally become more than a console and its strange that something as simple as a browser and e-store can do this. Its been a tough few months but now I accept you and aren’t ashamed to introduce you to my friends now.

It just goes to show how stupid Nintendo where to release a console with a weak release line up (NO MARIO?) and then have the audacity to tout features which weren’t available till a few months after launch. If your new console isn’t fully ready to tout what you preach then don’t release it is the point of this post. And from sales figures Nintendo definitely suffered from rushing this thing out.

I really do hope sales of the console start to ramp up now especially with the awesome games coming for it.

PS – StreetPass is quite nerdy but its ultimately awesome simply because of the cool hats. My Mii will have Links cap by the end of summer!!!





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