2011 – the year of comic book movies

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Its post E3 week so gaming is kinda climaxed in the news department so thought I’d talk about another nerdy love of mine.

First Thor, Xmen FirstClass, Green Lantern and finally Captain America. Boi its a busy year for comic book movies it would seem, some could argue that there’s too many this year. I was skeptical about Thor at first as the costume just doesn’t look bad-ass in real life and it looked a bit goofy. But I throughly enjoy Thor it didn’t take itself too seriously and set it self up perfectly for the upcoming Avengers Movie. Didn’t enjoy watching it in 3-D and found in pointless which was why I was happy First Class wouldn’t be shot in 3D.

Finally got round to watching First Class yesterday and might I say it was amazing, it didn’t really feel like a comic book movie really until the last half hour or so when the goofy costumes appeared. It did its best to stay faithful to the comics and the small Wolverine cameo was a great touch. The middle half was slightly dull and preachy in regards to accepting peoples differences but overall it did its job of rebooting the X-men franchise (thank god).

While waiting for Xmen to start, a trailer for quite frankly the lamest looking comic book film appeared. Green Lantern, fair enough Ryan Reynolds makes a good looking lantern, but the costume is bloody horrible and didn’t need to be fully CG as it just looks cheap. I haven’t heard much good about this film and the press has been gagged not to say how good or bad the film is yet, which usually isn’t a good sign. I might be like this because i’ve always been a Green Lantern hater for one reason or another, but I will definitely be giving this a miss.

Another trailer was that of Transformers 3, while not a comic book movie it needs a mention as it just looks epic. Of course its just going to be 2 hours of explosions but I wouldn’t want anything less!! I come to a Transformers movie to see Optimus Prime backhand a Decepticon through a building and nothing less.

Finally Captain America comes out soon aswell, once again not the biggest fan of the character but itl be a must watch as it ties in nicely with the Avengers movie at the end of it. I wont spoil it for you here.

Looks like I’m gonna be buying a lot of Blu-Rays come end of the year.


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