Uncharted3 Beta = Meh

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Been a truly up and down week for me, hopefully the weekend will bring relaxation and put everything back to an equilibrium. I tried the Uncharted 3 Beta for a bit today. Was thoroughly dissapointed, firstly it was a laggy glitchy mess, which is obviously acceptable at this point. Matchmaking put me against a bunch of 13 year old […]

More LA Noire (Sorry)

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Iv’e slowly been turning into an LA:Noire Junkie as of late. Been playing it a fairly slow pace of around a case a day. While trying to avoid spoilers from friends and the inter webs. Recently came across a genuine piece of investigatory journalism from IGN ( I know right?). Was quite an interesting piece and one […]

Sonic is 20! yaays

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  Still a slow news week for gaming Everyone is too busy licking their E3 wounds it seems. But its Sonics 20th today, woop. He’s had a tough time since he’s late teens due to incredibly half assed attempts at Sega to bring him into the 3D and HD realm. Seems Sega is sticking to […]

No news is lame

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You know its a slow couple of days for gaming news when IGN tweets that there’s no news. In other news iv’e been quite busy both in a good and bad way. Loving Zelda 3DS at the moment even if more than 5 minutes of 3D kills my eyes. As I said in my last post, theres […]

LA Noire Rockstar Pass/Annual summer games drought

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Bought the LA Noire Rockstar Pass yesterday! It had to be done, it seemed such value for money considering you get all the current DLC and any newly released DLC will be free. All for the about £7 with the price going up next week it really was a must. Lets hope the future DLC […]

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