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Been a truly up and down week for me, hopefully the weekend will bring relaxation and put everything back to an equilibrium. I tried the Uncharted 3 Beta for a bit today. Was thoroughly dissapointed, firstly it was a laggy glitchy mess, which is obviously acceptable at this point. Matchmaking put me against a bunch of 13 year old level 20 somethings and overall it played like Uncharted 2.

Herein lies my problem, I DON’T LIKE THIRD PERSON SHOOTER COMPETITIVE MULTI-PLAYER. Its just so lame and Uncharted does its best to make it fun with multi tier maps, but in the end matches boil down to people hiding behind cover waiting for somebody to conveniently walk into their line of fire =/ And I can only stand that in one game and that’s Ghost Recon. Cover is disabled in Multi-player Ghost Recon so that tactic is more inconvenient to a player.

Don’t get me wrong I love Uncharted but only for its amazing single player experience so think il pass on competitive play when it comes out. But of course co-op I will run into the ground with friends 😀

In other news I’m surprised to be getting a few friend invites (4) on my PS3 from people reading this blog, which is pretty cool, least somebody is reading is right?

This has inspired me to finally redesign this blog as I’m not a fan of this design and made it in a rush to finally get the blog up and running. So if Photoshop and Illustrator don’t mug me off (like they always do) , except a redesign soon 😀

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