Sonic is 20! yaays

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Still a slow news week for gaming :( Everyone is too busy licking their E3 wounds it seems. But its Sonics 20th today, woop. He’s had a tough time since he’s late teens due to incredibly half assed attempts at Sega to bring him into the 3D and HD realm. Seems Sega is sticking to its root and going back to 2D with Sonic Generations (Demo Released today on PSN and XBL).

When I return from work I will be sure to give it a download and see if the game brings back some past nostalgia. I loved the original Sonic games and Sonic 1 on Megadrive was the first game I ever completed so its dear to me ^_^ Nice to see Sonic trending on Twitter also, he’s always been a mascot which transcended gaming culture and became an icon similar to Mario.

That’s all for today. A day so slow in gaming that I have to post on the B’day of a fictional blue hedgehog.

PS – I’m more of a Tails man myself…

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