Time to raid those pennies….

  Boy the summer drought is almost over and check out these beauty’s below which me and friends regard as must haves: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Rage FIFA 12 Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Dark Souls Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Arkham City Battlefield 3 Uncharted 3 MW3 Skyrim Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Star Wars: […]

“Avengers Assemble!…(in a year or so)”

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Thor, X-men: First Class and now Captain America. Marvel has had a pretty busy few months promoting these films, I think Ive seen at least one Marvel Movie poster a day for half a year now. Not that im complaining 😛 Today I finally got around to seeing Captain America. I don’t think there was […]

Tekken:Blood Vengeance, Cheese never looked so good!

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Yesterday evening I got to visit the Mayfair hotel. And might I say that place is swanky. No it wasn’t to spend the night there sadly, but to go enjoy an evening of tekken, hosted by IGN (thanks guys). FREE BOOOOZE ALL NIGHT which was surprising and cool, I wish i was a heaver drinker just so […]

Female Shepard We Luff You

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Usually females in video games are portrayed as either damsels in distresses or whores or both. Of course i’m generalizing and this would become an incredibly long post if I was to go through all that’s wrong with girls in gaming. One beacon of hope which can have a player controlling a strong female character whos opnions and actions change its universe is Mass Effect. It’s […]

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