The game to “save” the Wii-U?

The game to “save” the Wii-U?

Finally an upcoming excuse to actually turn on my Wii-U. Could this be the title which kick starts the Wii-U?

Capcom have announced Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be released on the 3DS and the Wii U on March 22nd with the  Demo coming Feb 21st!

Have never really got into the franchise, however I only ever head amazing things from friends about just how deep and exciting it can be.

Seems a lot of excitement has cooled for the Wii-U both from hard core and casual gamers (assuming they actually know it is), It’s a shame as it’s quite a “neat” little system, time will tell if this game (and others) can bring back the damn hype. Monster Hunter has been a huge system seller worldwide for what ever console it drops on, so I think Nintendo and Capcom are sitting on a potential cash cow 😀

Been personally quite disappointed with my Wii-U so far, expect a blog post soon (probably) where I put down my thoughts on the seemingly troubled system.

Of Course however it is still relatively early days for, so I guess (and hope) this could be one of many upcoming announcements which could reinvigorate the console for me and others.

Check out the game below with more details here!



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