A weekend of Battlefield3 and TIN TIN


Having played ALOT of Battlefield3 before release I was scared. Bugs and glitches plagued multi-player every time I played it. And I even broke it a Eurogamer a few months back. EA promised us that we were playing old code and shouldn’t take any notice. I believed them for the most part but I always had my doubts.

Thankfully those doubts have been removed. I opted in for the PS3 version and haven’t had any major problems. Was surprised by the sheer size of the Day 1 patch however! Friends on the 360 version don’t have much positives; game crashes, server fails and an all-round LAME experience  are what I’m hearing from their end. Of Course EA have promised to rectify these problems asap.

I spent many an hour over the weekend playing this, and I must say I’m pretty much in love. The sheer size of some of the maps are astonishing and Rush mode is seriously fun. The customization options are immense, maybe even too immense as I find myself confused as to what I have unlocked but for the most part its great. I’m seriously happy with the game and it has done something which I wasn’t expecting. I has removed any real want for MW3, due to lack of funds I may skip MW3 as this will more than quench my thirst for on-line FPS play.

Engineer seems to be the class that suits me and its oh so satisfying going one on one with a tank and winning! BF3 and Uncharted3, I think will be my main games this winter.

Over the weekend I also watched the new Tin Tin movie. As a minor fan of the cartoons and comics I could go into this simply as a film goer and not be nit picking every little detail. I was left thoroughly impressed, loads of action, witty humour, likeable characters and damn good animation and motion capture. I still can’t get over just how real the characters looked, they looked so human it was scary. (The eyes its all in the eyes)

Story wise it was an okay PG movie affair meaning it was simple to follow and didn’t deviate to much from a standard movie for kids. Loved Tin Tin and can’t wait for the obvious sequel. Didn’t love is so much as to buy the  official game tie-in though.

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