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  Having played ALOT of Battlefield3 before release I was scared. Bugs and glitches plagued multi-player every time I played it. And I even broke it a Eurogamer a few months back. EA promised us that we were playing old code and shouldn’t take any notice. I believed them for... [+]

Mass Effect Multi-player....My...

  The guys (and girls) at EA and Bioware have been teasing a “killer feature” in Mass Effect 3 that would blow us all away. Rumours were saying it was a multi-player component and we all assumed this had to be it. Sadly the rumours... [+]

FIFA12...Not a rehash in Disguise

The weekend of a new FIFA release for me and my friends is something of a celebration. Usually we all converge in one location with a console, tv, sofa, booze and the new FIFA. The matches we play are usually one of two extremes, goals... [+]

Eurogamer Expo....the aftermath

Last week was the Eurogamer Expo in London town. I was supposed to cover a few days but due to a manly injury (whatever that is) I could only attend the final day. Not a lot came out of this expo in terms of gaming... [+]

Female Shepard We Luff You

Usually females in video games are portrayed as either damsels in distresses or whores or both. Of course i’m generalizing and this would become an incredibly long post if I was to go through all that’s wrong with girls in gaming. One beacon of hope which can have a player controlling a strong female character whos... [+]

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