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Ciao 2011, its been a blast!

Coursework, exams, graduation, unemployment, 7Bit Arcade, Sony and a shitload of both good and bad. This year for me been an super roller-coaster ride. One thing that has remained constant is the games. We have been given some great games this year, most of which have been sequels.... [+]

Christmas Win and The Last of Us

Had a crazy couple of days lately. First the 7Bit Arcade Awards Party, which was awesome. I won the award for best profile picture. Would have a crime if my horribly vain pic didn’t win tbh! Yesterday was the Sony Playstation Christmas party, based in... [+]

  Having played ALOT of Battlefield3 before release I was scared. Bugs and glitches plagued multi-player every time I played it. And I even broke it a Eurogamer a few months back. EA promised us that we were playing old code and shouldn’t take any notice. I believed them for... [+]

Batman: Arkham City, my thoughts.

  Picked up Arkham City last week. I thoroughly enjoyed the first title and as a fan of the animated series, it was great to see most of the cast brought back together. It had a great story, the fighting system was fluid and addictive... [+]

  Yea I know, pretty much every other post from me is about Uncharted. But seriously check out this new launch trailer! This is game of the year material!! I think this game has removed any hype I have for Batman: Arkham City.

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